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This is the opportunity to showcase your product: NALI 2018

New Academia Learning Innovation is an initiative to promote blended learning application in classroom so students can engage actively, hence improve learning. Registration is now open via:
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Now is open for registration:

#PrayforMH370 Our hearts go all out to the MH370 passengers, crew members, their families and friends. Let us pray and hope for the best while hearing updates from the authorities on the search and rescue mission. #PrayforMH370

B.L.A.C.K: When Nothing is Anything

Prelude to B.L.A.C.K Sitting near to a window in chilly early Sunday morning really gives a glimpse of emptiness, something that you can’t always get during the so-called ‘work days’, where less people on congested area. Deep inside this man’s mind, there are pictures playing over and over. Pictures that hold merely not only past memories but moments of every nodes of this man’ life. High-and-low; good-and-bad times are reduced into single card to conjure new confident-an enhanced self. Confusion arise when reality collides with expectation and expectation collides with dream and fantasy. How could he allows this happen when everything is hoped to be fall into place – fall apart. And his feeling so small It was over his head He knows nothing at all And he will stumble and fall Still learning to love Just starting to crawl (Say something debut) Backlink: B.L.A.C.K 

My wildest imagination!

To some, imagination is the essence of creativity while emotion is the outcome of the latter. Although, this writing is purely basic without the concern of scientific evidence of imagination or emotion; or both, the very basic idea of human expression- creative expression  lies between the imagination and emotion. How can you consider yourself creative if you can't even think to imagine? what does it takes to imagine? or is it hard to imagine? or not all people can imagine? In simple definition, imagine is the process of creating  [something]  inside anyone’s mind or the ability to form a mental picture or image of desire object. It is something that all of us do unconsciously or  maybe  routinely. Due to the fact that  to imagine  is a verb that hardly be observed, or evaluated, it is therefore not be included in any teaching lesson objective. Secondly,  emotion  is a crucial ingredient for creative expression because without  emotion manipulation , any creative product
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